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I’m Alice Y. Hom, community historian and activist. In the late 1990s, I interviewed over 50 lesbian activists of color for my dissertation. These tape cassettes have long been gathering dust in my closet, and it’s time for stories of queer history to come out. For this biweekly podcast, I will talk to folks from across the country and dig deep into my archives. You will meet some of the pioneers who paved the way for LGBTQ rights and raised our political consciousness about the ways race, gender, and sexuality are inseparable. Together, we will connect the present to the past by uncovering stories of queer activism by people of color throughout the decades. Historically Queer will give you a deeper understanding of the present, reignite our sense of belonging, and propel us to action.

Alice Y. Hom
Host & Founder

Alice Y. Hom is a community historian, storyteller, and educator. She has over 25 years of experience in the nonprofit, philanthropy, and higher education sectors. Alice has a Ph.D. in History and has written about queer women of color history, Asian American LGBTQ communities, and women of color organizing. She co-edited Q & A: Queer in Asian America and has published articles in various journals and anthologies. She serves on the boards of California Humanities, Borealis Philanthropy and is a Commissioner on the LA City Commission on the Status of Women.

Abby Madan

Abby Madan is an award-winning independent audio producer. She interweaves sound and story to spark discovery, build empathy, and cultivate community. Her work has featured on NPR stations across the country, on Transom.org, and on the podcast network Canadaland. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley, the Transom Story Workshop, and is an NPR Next Generation Radio Fellow. 

Annie Nguyen

Annie Nguyen is an indie producer at Historically Queer and Kaleidoscope. She is a reporting fellow at the City Bureau and a proud first-generation Vietnamese-American from the Bay Area. Her work has appeared on Making Oprah, Nerdette, and Art Hounds. Before joining the team, she interned at WBEZ, MPR, and WGBH. At one point in time, Annie was a line cook, dog walker, and cheesemonger. 


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