Q: What’s this podcast about?

A: Historically Queer will share intimate stories about the lives of LGBTQ activists of color and how they helped build and shape our world today. For each episode, we will dig into Alice Y. Hom’s oral history records from the late 1990s or interview current-day LGBTQ POC activists, artists, creatives, writers, healers, and community members who are making a difference.


Q: Who’s the host of the podcast?

A: This podcast is hosted by community historian and activist Alice Y. Hom, who speaks and writes about the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality. For more info, see Alice’s bio.


Q: How long is a season and how often will you release episodes?

A: The first season will have 10 episodes. We plan to release a historical or contemporary story biweekly.


Q: Is Historically Queer taking pitches for other LGBTQ POC stories of activism?

A: At this time, we are not taking outside pitches. Please sign up for the newsletter to be notified if this changes.